Tropical Innovative School of Excellence

The Tropical Innovative School of Excellence Inc.

The Tropical Innovative School of Excellence Inc., or TISE is poised to become one of the most exciting and innovative institution for learning in the Philippines. TISE is a non-sectarian private school founded in 2007. TISE sets itself apart by providing a superior academic program delivered by teachers who go through a strict selection process in an environment that sets its focus on the global community. The ultimate purpose is to achieve the true meaning of international education.

TISE is committed to making the experience of global education in the Philippines an opportunity to achieve greater professional understanding and social awareness and empathy. Today's competitive environment demands that our young leaders have the ability to function in different cultural contexts.

Accordingly, TISE offers a unique asset in helping our students distinguish themselves from others and gain the competitive edge necessary to succeed in a world that it is increasingly becoming economically and industrially flat.


TISE Inc. is an institution committed to serving as the parental partner who is equipped with the tools to assist the parents in guiding and discovering the child’s talents and skills; and that these talents be addressed properly and honed for the holistic development of the child. TISE will serve as a venue for various training programs so as to achieve the students’ goals of global competitiveness, and will direct all its efforts to train future leaders through various organizations and activities so as to instill in them the value of honesty, integrity, leadership, initiative, respect and the ability to responsibly adapt socially and professionally to different cultures.


TISE Inc. envisions today and tomorrow’s globally competent leaders. We aim to foster knowledge, innovation, determination, patience, and compassion to transform the youth into responsible and disciplined individuals as members of their families and as citizens of their country.